A pearl for Lörrach

The old "Postareal" opposite the main train station in Lörrach is making progress. In the middle of April, Kohlbecker moved into the on site construction office, taking responsibility for tendering and construction management for the upcoming new construction. The building will have residential and commercial units on the upper floors and an underground car park in the basement. Bearing the name "LÖ" it is already considered one of the "pearls" of the area. The site equipment is largely completed and civil engineering work has already begun.

 Visualisierung in Lörrach

Visualization: moka-studio

Architect: blauraum



New battery factory in Kamenz

In 2016, Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH began planning a new battery factory for Accumotive in Kamenz, near Dresden. Two and a half years later, the time had come. The wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG put the new plant into operation. Highly advanced lithium-ion batteries are being produced here for motorized drives of the future.






BMW Group New Plant Debrecen, Hungary

The BMW Group is building a new Automotive Plant in the City of Debrecen, Hungary. More than 1000 Employees are to be able to produce up to 150,000 Vehicles with internal, electric and Hybrid Drives each year. The Feasibility Study on the new Site has already been completed by the Kohlbecker Gesamtplan. Planning continues with high momentum.



Giant Audi Project N60.3 in the final stages

The construction of the body shop Audi N60.3 in Ingolstadt is nearing completion. The only remaining work before holistic completion is the interior fittings of the offices and various smaller areas. Following a large number of inspections, the building can be put into operation.


Image source: Audi


From our HISTORY Series: The Volkswagen Plant 1937

In the 1930’s our founder’s fondness for industrial construction deepened. His extraordinary ability to quickly adapt to constantly changing situations was a propelling force in his success with the Volkswagen plant. The experiences he earned at that time made a significant contribution to mastering the challenges of future construction projects with great vision.




Congratulations on earning their Master degree show article

After three years of hard work, Astrid Eberle and Christian Egger, have finally got their Master degree of Engineering in Project Management. While working full time! A big congratulations to them!

Prize for outstanding achievements show article

Both of our graduated trainees Linda Weiß and Marius Putzke were awarded a prize on Friday by the Werner Stober Foundation for their outstanding achievements. For the award ceremony, our two laureates were accompanied by their Traineemanager Nicole Zitzelsberger, who was clearly very proud.

Haribo's new day care center "Flohkiste" show article

Finally the time has come. The "Flohkiste", Haribo's new day care center in Bonn, has been erected and fully furnished. Special feature: When planning the premises, the focus is on ecology. From building to furnishings - Kohlbecker plans and realizes everything in complete wood construction.

Kohlbecker dazzling in form show article

At this year's B2Run in Munich, our Munich colleagues gave it all. We are happy about the huge commitment and the great running times!

Architecture through the ages - Our trainees on study tour show article

This year, our trainees explored the university town of Freiburg. The architectonic features of the modern university library in Freiburg's historic city center and the landmark of the city, the Freiburger Münster, with its mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architecture were a real highlight. Special guided tours with a focus on architecture gave the trainees a deep insight into the architectural history of the buildings. The crowning of this eventful day was finally the Flammkuchen dinner in Michelbach - according to typical Kohlbecker tradition.

We are celebrating 20 years of certification - and we will carry on! show article

For the 20th time, we successfully completed a QM audit according to DIN ISO 9001 in Gaggenau. This year's assessment of system support was carried out by Mr. Hackert over two days. We are very proud, because again there was no deviation from the requirements of the standard. The maintaining of our DQS certificate is assured.

Our trainees are practicing in InDesign show article

One of the stations that every Kohlbecker trainee runs through is the area “design”. This makes it all the more important to deal with the appropriate software at an early stage. Marius Putzke gives his knowledge from his training period to the new trainees and trains them in InDesign and Photoshop..

Planning for ProSiebenSat.1

The planning team consisting of Kohlbecker Gesamtplan and Vielmo Architects is working on the "New Campus" for ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE in Munich.


Kohlbecker is opening a new office in Cologne

Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH eröffnet einen dritten Standort in Köln.

 Büro Kohlbecker


Effectively, March 1st 2017 Mr Benedikt Gondolf plans and advises in our new office in Cologne, Germany and takes over the management and construction of our new site. Our range of services include planning, construction management and infrastructure. We are therefore looking for new employees in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Architect (internship)

Find out more about our vacancies here:.

Cologne office
Adolf-Grimme-Allee 3
D-50829 Köln
Tel. +49 7225 66-0



New service station on the campus of the Unimog Museum in Gaggenau show article

On the campus of the Unimog Museum in Gaggenau Kohlbecker Gesamtplan is about to design in phase 1 a new service station, which will serve as repair shop for Unimog vehicles and as education facility The exterior facade will be developed congruent with the existing museum. The new building will be composed of precast concrete walls on the ground floor and wood lining on the upper floor. An extensive curtain wall at the north-western corner allows vast transparency, which enables the visitors to observe the acitivities within the building. The design team is about to finish construction documents. In phase 2 the team will design a large extension of the existing museum. The conjunction of the museum extension, the service station and a new plaza will allow for a coherent campus situation.

Further information:  www.unimog-museum.com

A new generation of glass façades show article

Kohlbecker Gesamtplan is one of the five international consortium partners who set the foundations for the efficient and successful realization of the Q-Air project within next two years. Q-Air represents a new generation of glass façades and is recognised for being extremely innovative, energy efficient, sustainable and for its technological performance, which impacts positively across architecture, building construction and refurbishment. Mr. Jeffery L. Grady, Chairman of the supervisory board of Trimo, gave a warm welcome and introductory speech to all parties at the Kick-off Meeting and official start-up of the innovation project Q-Air.

Further information:  https://trimo-group.com

Kohlbecker's staff is dedicated... show article

Managing Director Peter Steiger and the members of our Works Council Christine Dreblow and Marco Weber were happy to present a small donation to the children’s group “Schwalbennest” in Rastatt. The proceeds came from the annual tombola organized by our workforce in favor of any social institution. The children’s group “Schwalbennest” offer support to children with addicted parents. Once a week children from 6 to 12 years get together from the district of Rastatt and the city of Baden-Baden. The children are given social pedagogical support to discuss the topic of addiction and the related anxieties, to play together and undertake different adventures. This particular offer is made possible by donations only. And since this institution isn’t present in the public we decided to support this social project. Further information can be found here:  www.bw-lv.de

First place for the working group Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH and Vielmo Architekten

Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH and Vielmo Architekten have won the competition for the development of the Victor-Gollancz-Straße in Karlsruhe, Germany. The working group has designed a concept that is supposed to provide a new city entrée at Karlsruhe central station. The tripartite building complex, consisting of hotel, apartment house and office building, is planned in the shape of a meander.




Kohlbecker has again successfully completed the QM-Audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001 show article

For the 19th time, Kohlbecker has again successfully completed the QM-Audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This year’s main audit for recertification and reissue of the certificate was performed by the DQS on June, 21st and 22nd 2016. Again, there were no deviations from the requirements of the norm.

Kohlbecker plans to build a new plant in Slovakia for the luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Landrover show article

The new production facility will be built in Nitra, western Slovakia and is already in the design phase. The excavations on site have also started. Due to the new building 2,800 new jobs will be created. Automotive production in Slovakia is expected to be launched in 2018 and within ten years the annual capacity is planned to increase to 300,000 units. The new plant will complement the existing manufacturing facilities in the UK, China, India and Brazil.

New address of the Munich Office show article

From now on our office is centrally located in Elsenheimerstraße. The move is a further step towards the strategic location orientation in Munich.

Completion of the printing company Bischoff show article

After the fire in the printing company Bischoff GmbH in Muggensturm about a year ago, the construction work of the new building and the renovation work of the old stock have been completed. The presses in production, which has a gross floor area of 3303.30 m², are already back in full use.

FIDUCIA IT AG & GAD: Construction work of the new building completed show article

About 20 months after the beginning of the construction work in Karlsruhe, the new production and administration building of the FIDUCIA IT AG & GAD with a gross floor area of 10.000 qm was completed.

Opening ceremony of the Ludwig-Guttmann-School show article

On November 24, the opening ceremony of the Ludwig-Guttmann-School as an annex ot the Erich-Kästner-School was celebrated in Bad Rotenfels. Since the autumn holidays, three types of schools (funding, - real, and primary and secondary school) are now united under one roof.

Visiting the German Mongolian Corporate Days show article

From 13.-14.10.2015 the „German Mongolian Corporate Days“ will take place in Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia. Florian Kohlbecker (Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH ) and Oliver Bertram (Wideshot Design GmbH) will participate at the most important event for German companies in Mongolia and Mongolian companies with a connection to Germany. This year more than 400 visitors are expected, to talk about relevant topics – as for example the potential of the Mongolian market among German enterprises – and to build new contacts to decision-makers on both sides. The stay is connected with a visit of the construction site of a current project in Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia, which you can see at the pictures.

Christoph Kohlbecker celebrates his 80th birthday show article

On this day, Christoph Kohlbecker celebrates his 80th birthday with his family.

The staff and management wish him all the best for his special day.

Ground-breaking ceremony: Extension of the Erich-Kästner-School show article

With the ground-breaking ceremony starts an important inclusion-project for the Ludwig-Gutmann-School in Gaggenau. In the new extension of the Erich-Kästner-School three types of schools (grant, - real, and primary and secondary school) will be united under one roof. The district of Rastatt invested around 3.4 million euros. The cultivation is to continue to offer space for teaching 30 students of LGS (school for physically and multiple disabled children and young people).

The building will be finished in October 2015.

Topping out ceremony: Stamping plant II in Kuppenheim show article

The extension of the stamping plant Kuppenheim progressing rapidly. Last Tuesday, the topping out ceremony was held. Dr. Gerd Schlaich, Head of Factory Planning at Daimler AG, praised during the celebrations the good cooperation between all partners.
The office Kohlbecker is charged with planning and construction management of the project.

Interview with Christoph Kohlbecker

The German TV-Station “Deutsche Welle” made a report of Berlins famous place, the “Potsdamer Platz” which was planned by Renzo Piano and Christoph Kohlbecker.
In the Interview Christoph Kohlbecker is speaking about the architectural meaning of this area. The “Potsdamer Platz”  is a symbol of the connection between East and West-Berlin - in history and today.
Watch the video: http://www.dw.de/wahrzeichen-des-wandels-potsdamer-platz/av-18055291

official opening Audi Böllinger Höfe show article

The Audi AG has expanded its production site in Neckarsulm and inaugurated this last week. In the industrial area “Böllinger Höfe”, which is about six kilometers from the main plant in Neckarsulm, was created a new logistics center and the production of the Audi R8, which were designed by the office Kohlbecker.

Kohlbecker-team made a hiking tour throug the Black Forest show article

Nearly 50 employees of the Kohlbecker-Team made a hiking-tour through the north of the Black Forest last Friday

Welcome show article

We welcome our trainees Marius Putzke, Linda Weiß and Lena Leppert!

New plant for HARIBO show article

The HARIBO GmbH & Co. KG plans in the Innovation Park Rheinland in Grafschaft a new production facility and the new administration building for 300 employees. The new location is conveniently located with direct highway access to the A61. The production, the logistics and the central administration will be built on a 28-hectare plot of land. Start of construction is planned for spring 2015.

Lecture „Exzellente Fabriken“

Under the title "Black Forest Export" Florian Kohlbecker gives last thursday a lecture at the congress "Excellent factories plan+build" (02.-03.07.14) at the RWTH Aachen. In addition to current projects he described the development of industrial construction and talked about special features of projects at the office Kohlbecker.

Fachkongress Exzellente Fabriken planen und bauen header


Congratulations to our trainee show article

We congratulate our trainee Sabrina Ernst on passing the final examination as a draftsman - specializing in architecture.

We are looking forward for our trainee and wish her a good start in her careers!

Topping Out Cerenomy: Canyon Bicycles show article

The bicycle manufacturer Canyon Bicycles builds a production and logistics center In the industrial area of Koblenz. Last Wednesday, the topping out ceremony was celebrated. Florian Kohlbecker thanked for the trust that brought the client to the architect's office and handed him a traditional gift.

Groundbreaking ceremony in Bischweier show article

Last Friday the Lebenshilfe celebrated the official groundbreaking for its residential home for people with disabilities. The CEO of the Lebenshilfe is looking forward to the start of construction. He’s hoping, that the 24 residents who will be moving next year, will be warmly welcomed into the community. Also the mayor of the village welcome the Lebenshilfe-project.

The two-storey building consists of 3 detached houses, which are connected by a cross building. There are several residential groups of four wheelchair accessible single rooms and sanitary units and communal kitchens and dining areas. This allows the residents an independent living in a family home.

Studies "Industrial Real Estate Management" starts in April

The master program "IREM Industrial Real Estate Management" at the University of Stuttgart begins this week with the support of Kohlbecker Achitects. One of the lecturers is Matthias Kohlbecker. He teaches about his experience of industrial construction. The cours shows practical examples of national and international projects and explained methods and ways of working.

Read more about the course, please contact: www.irem.uni-stuttgart.de

Logo irem

TV documentary about Kohlbecker show article

On Wednesday, the 5th February, the Südwestrundfunk shows a report of Kohlbecker | Architects & Engineers. For eight days, a camera team accompanied the two CEO Matthias and Florian Kohlbecker and highlights the work of the both architects in a documentary entitled " Die Schwarzwaldarchitekten – Bauen für Olympia & die ganze Welt ".

Congratulations to our trainees show article

We congratulate our trainees Mino Figliuzzi and Dennis Gukenheimer on passing the final examination. After two and a half years of training as a draftsman - specializing in architecture, the two pass their final exams prematurely and shorten their training time by half a year.

Canyon Bicycles plans production and logistic center show article

Kohlbecker Architects and Engineers is planning a logistics hall and manufacturing plant for canyon bicycles. The new building includes a warehouse, an assembly hall and an administrative building. The construction work have begun in November 2013, the building is expected to be completed in time for the season 2015.

Loyal empoyees honored show article

As part of this year's Christmas staff party nine employees were honored by Florian Kohlbecker with personal words and little episodes for their dedication and many years of loyalty to the company.

International Conference and Expo „Construction Mongolia-2013“ show article

The Team of Kohlbecker MNG will participate in the international Conference and Expo „Construction Mongolia-2013“ from 18-20 October in Ulaanbaatar. The conference will cover all aspects of the Mongolian construction sector including its latest updates and information.

Kohlbecker MNG is founded in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia show article

Kohlbecker MNG was founded in October 2013 in Ulaanbaatar as a Joint Venture of the Shunkhlai Group LLC and Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH. Our general planning office provides services that cover all planning and construction needs. From the first idea to construction planning and site supervision, Kohlbecker MNG LLC offers highest quality.

Topping-out ceremony of Audi at Böllinger Höfe show article

About 23 football fields - such big is the area in the Industrial Park Böllinger Höfe on which the new Audi production facility is built. Some 18 months after the start of construction, the topping-out ceremony was held on Tuesday with about 200 guests. A logistics hall and new production facilities for the Audi R8 are being erected at this area. The sportscar will begin rolling off the assembly line in mid-2014.

Kohlbecker employees at the Baden-Marathon show article

Kohlbecker | architects & engineers already participated for the seventh time at the Business-Team-Marathon.

Welcome! show article

We are welcoming our trainees Sebastian Schmid, Julia Läpple and Lukas Großmann!

Kohlbecker expanded its portfolio

Since the beginning of the year Kohlbecker | architects & engineers offers its customers tailored, individual fire protection solutions. We advise you in all matters relating to the subject of fire protection and create the necessary documents.


Dormitory for Lebenshilfe, Kreisvereinigung Rastatt/Murgtal eV show article

Kohlbecker | Architects and Engineers is planning a residential home for people with disabilities for Lebenshilfe, Kreisvereinigung Rastatt/Murgtal eV. The residence, which can accommodate 24 residents and two short-term guests will arise in Bischweier.

Official opening of the KIT hydrogen station show article

On 11 June 2013 the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) opened a hydrogen station that was planned by Kohlbecker | Architekten & Ingenieure. Now two new fuel cell buses are in shuttle service between the KIT sites in operation.

New residential building finished show article

Recently, a modern residential house has been completed, which is characterized by its unusual shape and its adaptation to topography and property. The plot leads to a narrow, pointed to the length residence, which implements a basement, a ground floor, a first floor of approximately equal size and a small studio with open view over the surrounding mountain range.

Employees support "Lebenshilfe-Project CABito" show article

The employees of Kohlbecker | Architects & Engineers donate "Lebenshilfe Rastatt/Murgtal e.V." an amount of € 1,000 for their project "CABito".

Employees honored for many years of service show article

Ten employees were honored yesterday by the management for their many years of loyalty.

Congratulations to our trainees show article

We congratulate our trainees Natasha Kiehl, Tamara Korica and Stephan Hültenschmidt on passing the final examination.

Visiting the BAU 2013 show article

20 employees from the fields of construction management, infrastructure, planning and interior design currently visiting the trade fair BAU 2013 in Munich. They will learn about the latest industry trends and meet new and old contacts.

Kohlbecker Employees show team spirit show article

“Laufend am planen“ (Constantly planning) was the motto of the Kohlbecker Employees when they started at the Karlsruher Marathon. Overall 10.000 runner took part of the 42 km through Karlsruhe.

Audi Construction Site in progress show article

Something is happening at the Audi site in Münchsmünster. The building site preparation is almost completed and the foundation baskets are plaited.

Audi A4 car body plant: Construction team celebrates topping out show article

Approximately eight months after construction began, Audi is officially celebrating the topping out of its new plant in Ingolstadt.

Audi Topping Out Celebration: 10,000 tons of steel for the new processing building show article

Straight to the train after the last check: The new processing building will facilitate logistics at the Audi Ingolstadt site considerably in the future. The “Audians” celebrated the topping out of the tallest building at their assembly plant yesterday.

Kohlbecker opens their office in Munich show article

Kohlbecker opened its new Munich office on 11.06.2012, following weeks of preparation.

Winning Competition Entry: Kohlbecker to plan sports facility show article

Kohlbecker won the competition for the new gymnasium in Forbach in the German Black Forest. The design is based on the idea of creating a structure that creates an ensemble together with the neighboring school. The building volume is slightly lowered, thus reducing its mass with respect to the smaller-scale surrounding facilities.

30th Anniversary of the Death of Karl Kohlbecker show article

The architect Karl Kohlbecker is considered the pioneer of industrial architecture. The idea of humane factories is a consistent element in all his work and planning.